A Young Mexican Around the World in Eighty Days

Departing early February 1913, returning in the first days of May, Alberto Nunes jr was travelling with his father, Alberto Nunes and his portable camera. He recorded decisive moments of the trip, on the Union Pacific train, aboard the trans-Pacific liners SS Mongolia and Tenyo Maru — on 2nd class, with Chineses immigrants on steerage — some impressive night fire in Manila, buying toys in a Japaneses shop and the early sewing machines shops and offices. A member of the Nunes family was working for the growing Singer Company : Uncle Luis had became a Singer representative in Manila when he had visibly a terrible accident.

We can imagine the album open when the travellers were telling magical travel recollections to the young ones. Some pencil notes, verso, and ink captions, recto, supported the failing or rather transforming memories, human transmission is always in progress, opposed to the dry and perfect restitutions of machine brains.

The album contains 89 original photos by Alberto junior, printed on postcard papers, together with some printed views and a Japanese portrait with the curious note: “Geisha que attendo a mi abuelo Alberto J. Nunes en una casa del Yoshi-Wara”. (The Geisha who took care of grandfather Alberto in one of the Yoshi-Wara special houses).

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25.05.2017 PWT 21-2017 CHANGING PLACES: SAN FRANCISCO 1877

1876, Three Mexican candidates run for presidency in the elections without gaining majority. In the turmoil which succeeds, Porfirio Diaz takes the power, and the two unfortunate competitors, Lerdo de Tejada and José María Iglesias, sail in exile to the United States

After a few weeks in power in November 1876, José Maria Iglesias went to San Francisco in January 1877with a group of Mexican Politicians who where members of his “shadow” cabinet, including Guillermo Prieto who published a relation of the USA trip. Thanks to this lively travel book, no less than 1500 pages of anecdots on hotel, food, women, theaters, we have an evocation of the United States in the very first years of the Cantral Pacific railroad making easy to travel from San Francisco to Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphy, Baltimore, Washington and San Antonio.

PWT 21-2017 San Francisco 1877