18.06.2019 A Bogotian Exhibition Celebrates Humboldtian Curiosity

Hermann Biow (1804-1850). Daguerreian portrait of Alexander von Humboldt, 1847, Museum für Kunst and Gewerbe, Hamburg (Wilhelm Weimar’s collection). François Arago contacted two scientists in 1838 to evaluate together the accuracy of a new invention, photography: Alexander von Humboldt and Jean-Baptiste Biot.

Twentieth century scholars characterized Humboldtian science as “synthetic, empirical, quantitative and impossible to fit into any one of our twentieth century disciplinary boundaries.”

Urban Rainbow, Bogota, Sunday 16 June 2019, 15h43’32”

If you have the opportunity to visit Bogota before 6 July, you may visit the exhibition host in the Museo de Arte – Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Curated by Halim Badawi with the support of the Goethe-Institut, the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute and local collectors, La naturaleza de las cosas: Humboldt, idas y venidas presents 100 works in a successful succession of nine cultural dialogues.

Baron Gros, San Angel, 1834, inkwash

Looking at Camillo Achavarria’s 2011 sunset color inkjet photography

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