17.10.2016 Federal Judge Vicente Antonio Bermudez Zacarias Was Slain in Metepec (Toluca)

A federal judge was slain Monday in Metepec (Toluca) in the state of Mexico, which borders the Santa Fe borough of the capital.

Vicente Antonio Bermudez Zacarias was a district court magistrate for appeals and civil judgments in the city of Toluca, according to a statement from Mexico’s Supreme Court (The most important cases, like El Chapo case or the 43 students of Ayotzinapa). He was killed in nearby Metepec.

President Enrique Peña Nieto, speaking to an international gathering of judges in Mexico, lamented the news and said he had instructed the attorney general’s office to lead the investigation. Various Mexican media outlets reported that Mr. Bermudez was shot in the head while exercising outdoors. There was no immediate word on a possible motive. — From The Associated Press.


El juez mexicano Vicente Antonio Bermúdez Zacarías fue asesinado de un tiro en la cabeza este lunes. Cuando salía de su casa por la mañana para ir a correr, alguien se acercó por la espalda, hasta menos de 30 centímetros de él y le disparó en la nuca. El agresor, que actuó a cara descubierta, se dio la vuelta y escapó corriendo junto a otra persona. El magistrado falleció horas después en el hospital.

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16.01.2016 Gringada ? Gringolandia ? Gorreada ? Guiñada ?

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How can we describe this most recent episode in the saga of El Chapo? If history repeats itself as farce, what comes next?

Perhaps the right word is gringada, a derogatory Mexican term applied to Hollywood movies that seem typically formulaic, sentimental, nationalistic and patriotic, usually idiotic, cynical and annoying in one way or another...

The first images released of El Chapo after his capture were striking. In a filthy gray sleeveless T-shirt, sporting a little mustache and hair that look dyed, the capo wears an expression of resignation but also of inwardly dumbfounded shame.

El Chapo obediently submitted to this scripted choreography. It was the exact same sequence enacted for the press after his last capture in Mazatlán, with, Páez Varela noted, an important difference. This time none of his military captors wore a mask. They weren’t worried about being identified. That’s how unthreatening a figure El Chapo seemed suddenly to have become, Páez Varela said.

The New Yorker article about El Chapo.

(=personas, extranjeros) foreigners pl
(=norteamericanos) Yankees pl
(=canallada) dirty trick
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