22.11.2014 Bunk-Art is opened in Tirana

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TIRANA, Nov 22 (ATA) – By Gjergji Mima/ –

“Prime Minister Edi Rama compared the new museum Bunk’Art, opened on Saturday in the venues of anti-nuclear bunker of the dictatorial regime, with the Check Point Charlie museum in Berlin, where, according to Rama, the two worlds, the west and east, separated once.

“I found it difficult to describe the extraordinary sensation that I felt when I entered this underground palace, where the communist regime intended to survive any nuclear attack,” said Rama.

“When we visited Berlin long time ago, we had the possibility to visit the famous museum, a common building located at the place that once divided West and East Berlin, few meters away from the wall that kept the two worlds divided during the Cold War, and that kept isolated, beyond the horizon of freedom, half of the world. A common building that is visited by millions of people each year,” said Rama, while adding that “today it is hard to explain this with words to the new generations.”

“Here there are high school students that have not lived that time, and it is not easy to explain them how could Albania be a third world isolated from the two other worlds, which fought in a imaginary way with the American imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism,”, said Rama.

Speaking about the history, the Premier said that it is high time to tell the history, not to rewrite it, but says all its parts.

“Today we are witness that we have opened the door to a treasure of our collective memory,” said Rama, while that this treasure can unveil hundreds of thousands of pieces of a large mosaic, events, characters and contradicts.

He also said that such places should be shown to the public as there is no reason to hide the past.

“We are here to open a new phase of relationship with the past, not to rewrite history, but to not hide it,” said Rama”   Albania Telegraphic Agency