09.04.1948 El Bogotazo. Ceso la Horrible Noche

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“El Bogotazo (from “Bogotá” and the -azo suffix of violent augmentation) refers to the massive riots that followed the assassination in Bogotá, Colombia, of Liberal leader and presidential candidate Jorge Eliécer Gaitán on 9 April 1948 during the government of President Mariano Ospina Pérez. The 10-hour riot left much of downtown Bogotá destroyed. The aftershock of Gaitan’s murder continued extending through the countryside and escalated a period of violence which had begun eighteen years before, in 1930, and was triggered by the fall of the conservative party from government and the rise of the liberals. The 1946 presidential elections brought the downfall of the liberals allowing conservative Mariano Ospina Pérez to win the presidency. The struggle for power between both again triggered a period in the history of Colombia known as La Violencia (“The Violence”) that lasted until approximately 1958, from where the civil conflict that continues to this day grew.”

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31.05.2006 Maestro Manuel H. : Bogotá Recia

31.05.2006 couv Manuel H. Bogota Recia

Manuel H Bogota Recia1

“El Pais habria visto disolverse su capital social, si no tuviera lazos espirituales que nos enaltecen y configuran la recia personalidad nacional. Gracias Maestro Manuel H, por preservar nuestra historia a través de la magia de la fotografia”
Alvaro Uribe Vélez, Presidente de la República de Colombia
Bogotá, enero 26 de 2006

31.05.2006 studio Manuel H. Bogota Recia

“Murder, cock fighting, masked wrestling, window dressing, wedding cakes, funerals, trade fairs, politicians, petrol refineries, protests, blood, bulls, and matadors set the stage for the characters in Manuel H examination of human nature in Bogotá.

From sports photography to investigative journalism, the fame of Manuel H has spread as his camera has encompassed all aspects of life in his home town.
Manuel H in Bogotá has become synonymous with his time and place
he is a conductor of the energies which weave the fabric of the town.

Throughout his life he has made a forensic dissection of this most extraordinary
environment. For six decades every athlete, author, artist, criminal, beggar,
and president have had their picture taken by Manuel H”
Timothy Prus, The Archive, London, 30 April 2006

Carnet réalisé avec son petit-fils Manuel Fierro.
Pdf complet : 31.05.2006 maquette Manuel H. Bogota Recia

31.05.2006 essai Manuel H. Bogota Recia