16.01.2016 Update about Billy the Kid alleged tintype and National Geographic release

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Since our first article, research followed on and Daniel Buck just sent an interesting update:

“… Since the National Geographic program, «Billy the Kid: New Evidence» was broadcast last October, historians have established that there was no schoolhouse at the place and time the image was allegedly taken. The building in back of the croquet players is a wooden schoolhouse. The schoolhouse at that place was built in 1935 (and of adobe, not wood), more than 50 years after Billy died. Thus, no one knows where the tintype was taken.

Moreover, the Geographic employed a forensic expert to do a facial recognition analysis comparison between the boy in the croquet tintype and the authentic Billy tintype. He said said that even though the croquet boy’s face was « troublesome » and « blurry, » he thought there was a match, but — and this was a huge « but » — he added that if he were testifying in court, meaning under oath, he would « deny » there was a match. « Deny » was his word. With that one word he demolished the National Geographic’s argument…”


17.10.2015 Billy The Kid (BTK) or a Rare Occasion to Investigate an Alleged Lost Treasure

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International medias are widely informing our planet of the coming auction of a photography which could become the most expensive (desirable ?) photograph on Earth. Wikipedia, Telerama in France and Reuters are quoted at the end of this article.

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The value being established on the recognition of a human character of XIXth century, BTK, by comparison with a unique photographic document. Without the match the value is 20 us $, with the match it could eventually convince some collector to be more than a million us $.

This article will not give any answer, just propose a method and quote some published comments.

Here is a list of 12 decisive but not sufficient questions which can help making an opinion:

1.  Is the picture an actual tintype as claimed : a late-1870s plate ?

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