31.08.2017 PWT 35-2017 Seventy-two years ago: The Petain Trial

The provisional government headed by de Gaulle placed Pétain on trial, which took place from 23 July to 15 August 1945, for treason.
Dressed in the uniform of a Marshal of France, Petain [1856-1951, then 89 years old]  remained silent through most of the proceedings …”

PWT 35-2017 Petain Trial

“Vichy is right in the middle of France. This town of mud baths and colonic irrigation grew rich as a cure centre for rheumatism and liver complaints. Its mineral-rich sulphurous waters, running warm from the surrounding Auvergne volcanic mass, promised soothing baths and massage and, to sweeten the nights, there were casinos, upmarket restaurants and brothels. From the 1880s to the 1940s, Vichy was a high-class Las Vegas….”  acces to complet article,  the Guardian

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