30.05.2006 Steven Manford : Behind the Photo The Stamps of Man Ray

30.05.2006 Stamps I couv Man Ray

Première édition de l’essai de Steven Manford, connu sous le nom de “Man Ray Stamps Book”.

An Essay on the Stamps of Man Ray

“What began for me as a chore : finding good stamp impressions and photographing them, evolved into a playful challenge. How many stamps could I find in the course of my various investigations & inquiries into Man Ray’s life in photography ? How manywere there ? Which were the posthumous creations of others ? Were there really any fake stamps ?

Such questions provided ample excuse and enough intrigue to revisit several hundred photographs, and my findings so far have been extraordinary. This concise monograph’s purpose is to introduce the highlights of ongoing research and concurrent contemplation of Man Ray’s (and regrettably, ‘others’) handiwork — his handwriting & signatures, the grease pencil marks, custom stamps, printer instructions, dedications, certifications, and of course : the stamps – originals & copies, lifetime & posthumous.

Though I am reluctant to admit it, often a photograph’s verso becomes more compelling than the black and white image : rich with history, giving their testimony Page of Stamps assembled by the Man Ray Trust like pages from a diary…”

The second and then third édition followed in 2007 and 2009.

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