25.05.2017 PWT 21-2017 CHANGING PLACES: SAN FRANCISCO 1877

1876, Three Mexican candidates run for presidency in the elections without gaining majority. In the turmoil which succeeds, Porfirio Diaz takes the power, and the two unfortunate competitors, Lerdo de Tejada and José María Iglesias, sail in exile to the United States

After a few weeks in power in November 1876, José Maria Iglesias went to San Francisco in January 1877with a group of Mexican Politicians who where members of his “shadow” cabinet, including Guillermo Prieto who published a relation of the USA trip. Thanks to this lively travel book, no less than 1500 pages of anecdots on hotel, food, women, theaters, we have an evocation of the United States in the very first years of the Cantral Pacific railroad making easy to travel from San Francisco to Cincinnati, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphy, Baltimore, Washington and San Antonio.

PWT 21-2017 San Francisco 1877

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