PWT 12-2017 Mexico by Night


Mexico in the 1920s, José Vasconcelos, the SEP, and the Seccion de Dibujos

José Vasconcelos returned to Mexico at the end of Revolution, during the interim presidency of Sonoran Adolfo de la Huerta, was named rector the National Autonomous University of Mexico (1920).He began implementing his vision of the function of the university : “I have not come to govern the University but to ask the University to work for the people.”

When Álvaro Obregón became president in 1920, he created the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) in 1921 and named José Vasconcelos as its head. Under Obregón, the national budget had two key expeditures; the military was first, the second was education.

Creating the Secretariat entailed changing the Constitution of 1917, and in order to do that, Obregón’s government had to muster support from lawmakers. Vasconcelos traveled through Mexico while he was rector of the university seeking that support. The effort succeeded and Vasconcelos was named head of the new cabinet level secretariat in July 1921.

During his tenure at SEP he was in a powerful position to implement the vision of Mexico’s history, especially the Mexican Revolution.


PWT 12-2017 Mexico by Night

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