21.02.2014 Préparation du prochain numéro de Nicéphore, cahier de photographies

Consacré au poème Le Rêve d’un Curieux de Charles Baudelaire, il sera publié en français, des traductions anglaise et espagnole seront mises en ligne.

Il sera envoyé à tous les abonnés.

The Dream of a Curious Man

To F.N. (Felix Nadar)

Do you know as I do, delectable suffering?
And do you have them say of you: “O! the strange man!”
— I was going to die. In my soul, full of love,
A peculiar illness; desire mixed with horror,

Anguish and bright hopes; without internal strife.
The more the fatal hour-glass continued to flow,
The fiercer and more delightful grew my torture;
My heart was being torn from this familiar world.

I was like a child eager for the play,
Hating the curtain as one hates an obstacle…
Finally the cold truth revealed itself:

I had died and was not surprised; the awful dawn
Enveloped me. — What! is that all there is to it?
The curtain had risen and I was still waiting.

Translated by William Aggeler, The Flowers of Evil (Fresno, CA: Academy Library Guild, 1954)


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