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For almost a century, physicists have been discussing the influence of the observer on the observed field, in particular that of light, and have come up against the Heisenberg uncertainty principal when they push the corpuscular theory to the examination of the evolution of a single photon.

Art market observers, on the other hand, tend to favor wave theory, looking for trends and establishing their variables on the basis of price indices and quotations that owe very little to chance.

More than waves propagated on the technological networks, and quite foreign to the fashionable subjects, the second Biennial of Photography of Senigallia has been organized during the epidemic around a model of successive individual initiatives and without directive determinism. Hence the title of Photographic Archipelago for this resolutely and joyfully disparate program that invite the public to discover unexpected photographs and to meet other interested people in the middle of a city where each inhabitant, shopkeeper, hotelier, fisherman, worker, farmer, has a personal opinion about photography.

The singular sun, reflected on the Adriatic Sea in the morning, illuminates the clear streets of Senigallia. The installation in 1939 of an art theorist and promoter of photography, Giuseppe Cavalli, but above all the determination of a typographer with the destiny of an artist, Mario Giacomelli, were the favorable circumstances that impelled an entire city to become aware of the importance of photography, to become città della fotografia.


Visionaria — Smile-Sorridere — Find the Intruder

Palazzetto Baviera — Mexican Revolution — Russia, Summer 1917 — Process for Murder — Insouciance — Paris-Clichy, 1950

Biblioteca Antonelliana — Street photographer

Palazzo del Duca — Mario Giacomelli, new rooms

Rocca Roveresca — Enzo Carli — Nino Migliori — Giovanni Ghiandoni — John R. Pepper — Movimento Introvisione — Bernard Cantié — Michel Collet

Visionaria / Rotonda al Mare — Philippe Séclier

Foro Annonario — Margherita Abbo Romani

Monte dei Paschi di Siena — Jerome Monnier

Pope Pius IX Museum — The Colosseum

Spazio Piktart — Matatoi

Studio Zelig — Malcolm Linton — Ragazzi del ‘77

Expo Ex — Twins — Bascoulard

Verdi Colline — Cymatics, Hans Jenny

(Places to be confirmed) — Mike Robinson — Villa Sorriso

Hotel Bice — Senigallia postcards

Atelier 41 — Early backdrops, daguerreotypes

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