18.01.2018 PWT 03-2018 Doris Ulmann

Doris Ulmann’s position in history of photography keeps improving.

Born in 1882 in the Upper East side of Manhattan, she received intellectual and artistic formation from Felix Adler and Clarence White.

She was so rich and educated, she wound finally find harmony in her life frequenting the poor and the remote Southern communities with her camera after the mid 1920s, visiting South Carolina swamps in the Great Depression days on some luxurious chevrolet.

An independant character, she build her artistic life in then virgin directions, long before public surveys of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) , but was invited for dinner at the White House in March 1934 to show and report to the President and Mrs Roosevelt her work together with her companion John Jacob Niles.

Before she passed away in August 1934, she wrote her will in favor of institutions, communities and companions, for the great concern of her wealthy family who accepted nevertheless to negociate a fair agreement.

PWT 03-2018 Doris Ulmann

Niles on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YIp0h7PIlo&list=PLA8pF1W70izQfW0c8PKJ88CmHVVdi7dj5&index=9