19.04.2015 If the concept of collecting would still have a sense, a visit to Thomas Walther Collection MOMA exhibition could warm up the desire of every new candidate

If the concept of collection would still have a sense, a visit to this exhibition could warm the desire of every new candidate.

The MOMA’s Thomas Walther Single Collector Photographic Exhibition just closed. Every print is vintage, a pleasure for the eyes, and in good condition.

The catalogue is heavy to bring back but the MOMA special site is a wonder. Respecting the space-time coordinates of the artists creations.

TW-MOMA 0415 39

When MoMA’s departments of Photography and Conservation set out to make a website to showcase the 341 photographs in the Thomas Walther Collection, the goal was to create an innovative resource that would take full advantage of the Internet’s interactivity. In December 2014, MoMA launched Object:Photo, a digital research platform featuring four data visualizations that allow visitors to explore the materials, techniques, and art historical context of these 341 modernist photographs.
The visualizations act as entry points: you can choose to map the photographs by where they were taken, view them grouped together according to the materials and techniques used, find relationships between the artists, or plot their lives on a map and timeline. Within each visualization, you can select or filter the content by topic.

TW-MOMA 0415 26

TW-MOMA 0415 40

TW-MOMA 0415 38

TW-MOMA 0415 37

TW-MOMA 0415 35

TW-MOMA 0415 36

TW-MOMA 0415 33

TW-MOMA 0415 34

TW-MOMA 0415 32

TW-MOMA 0415 30

TW-MOMA 0415 31

TW-MOMA 0415 29

TW-MOMA 0415 27

TW-MOMA 0415 28

TW-MOMA 0415 25


TW-MOMA 0415 24

TW-MOMA 0415 23

TW-MOMA 0415 22

TW-MOMA 0415 20

TW-MOMA 0415 21

TW-MOMA 0415 18

TW-MOMA 0415 19

TW-MOMA 0415 16

TW-MOMA 0415 17

TW-MOMA 0415 14

TW-MOMA 0415 15

TW-MOMA 0415 12

TW-MOMA 0415 13

TW-MOMA 0415 11

TW-MOMA 0415 7

TW-MOMA 0415 3

TW-MOMA 0415 1


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