18.05.2017 PWT 20-2017 Gray on Gray … Reappearance of an Artist

Who can be this Missing Post-Impressionist and Pointillist French Painter ? ii
Weekly Cartoon by Théophile: Ghost of Louis Hayet iii
A Clue in Two Letters from Theo to Vincent Van Gogh 1-2
Is it “the dream of any art lover, like a gold seeker facing an unknown mine” ? 3-9
Epilogue, 1894: “Arrestation de l’Anarchiste du Ministère“ Félix Fénéon (French text) 10-13
Epilogue, 1918: White on White or Thirty years later, Kazimir Malevich 14-15


Who can be this post-impressionist and pointillist French painter, born in 1864 in a poor French family, who happened to meet the Pissarros, father and son when painting along a river?
Who grew up and developed his theory in the rising shadow of the Eiffel Tower?
Who could have been so upset by the quarrels of Bernard and Signac that he decided, after the disappearance of Seurat and the exile of Gauguin in the Pacific, to leave all the vanguards?
Who has had his best friend and art critic in prison for anarchism?

PWT 20-2017 Grey on Grey

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