16.10.2007 Lenny Helicher : “Mugshots”

16.10.2007 couv MugshotsMaking a new find is exciting

While on a trip through the upper east coast of the United States. I was stopping and looking for antique paper or photos at small shops and some auctions house. Sometimes I make great finds of photos and paper. But this find was my ultimate in collecting over 45 years.

I walked into a small shop up in Bangor Maine and while looking around at show cases and book shelves in the store. I walked right into a large pile of what looked to be old mug shots. My heart started to palpitate as I started to view closer. They were the real thing, one interesting group came from Atlanta, Georgia. Some of them had a photo of the arrested (looked like a photo booth portrait) stapled on the front along with his or hers fingerprints, name etc. The back contained name and what crime committed. Some of were arrested many times. All were vintage and the age of the mug shots ranged from 1940’s thru 1960’s…

Access to pdf : 16.10.2007 Mugshots