16.01.2016 Gringada ? Gringolandia ? Gorreada ? Guiñada ?

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How can we describe this most recent episode in the saga of El Chapo? If history repeats itself as farce, what comes next?

Perhaps the right word is gringada, a derogatory Mexican term applied to Hollywood movies that seem typically formulaic, sentimental, nationalistic and patriotic, usually idiotic, cynical and annoying in one way or another...

The first images released of El Chapo after his capture were striking. In a filthy gray sleeveless T-shirt, sporting a little mustache and hair that look dyed, the capo wears an expression of resignation but also of inwardly dumbfounded shame.

El Chapo obediently submitted to this scripted choreography. It was the exact same sequence enacted for the press after his last capture in Mazatlán, with, Páez Varela noted, an important difference. This time none of his military captors wore a mask. They weren’t worried about being identified. That’s how unthreatening a figure El Chapo seemed suddenly to have become, Páez Varela said.

The New Yorker article about El Chapo.

(=personas, extranjeros) foreigners pl
(=norteamericanos) Yankees pl
(=canallada) dirty trick
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