15.12.2016 PWT 50-2016 Mario Giacomelli, The Man Who Would Go to the Moon with His Photographs

PWT 50-2016 Colors of Giacomelli

“Photography… can be a witness of our passage on earth”, and even of our passage on the Moon.

Mario Giacomelli’s works in photography are a nightmare for accountants and speculators. Or, it is more correct to say they are an obstacle to the precise and narrow definitions of copyright and editions, as our European bureaucraties try to impose.

Mario signed photos of Africa, he never went to Africa. he signed photos os Tibet. He never went to Tibet.

He is famous for Aerial views of the fields around Senigallia, he never went on a plane.

His galerist from Milan send him perfect silver prints from the best photographic laboratory, hoping Mario will sign and number them. Mario publicly destroy them. And follow on printing his own prints in his bathroom with his friend the postman from Senigallia.

How can this be tolarated any more in a World of strict regulations on pianoforte ivories, dinosaurs eggs, Arabian antiquities and authorized posthumous numbered and even signed photographs ?

Maybe just to consider Mario Giacomelli as an artist and not any more as a photographer, a dangerous regulated profession. And maybe not to consider his pictures as photographs, but rather as drawings, or just pages from a notebook.

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