15.06.2017 PWT 24-2017 The Book of Elie (Manuel Alvarez Bravo illustrating Elie Faure’s Réflexions sur l’Art Mexicain)

On July 9, 1931, Élie Faure embarked in Le Havre for an eight-month tour of the globe as part of a mission co-funded by the French Ministry of Public Instruction and the Mexican Ministry of Education.

This trip was an occasion for him to give lectures on art, but also to come into contact with the cultures of the many countries where the shipment stops: The United States, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Indochina and India, returning to France via Palestine and Egypt.

On the occasion of this expedition, Élie Faure sent weekly reports to Le Petit Parisien on his travels. Thirteen accounts were published for publication in the newspaper, published in full in 1932 under the title Mon Périple.

PWT 24-2017 Manuel Alvarez Bravo

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