14.06.2018 PWT 23-2018 Who Are You, M. Giroux?

Weekly transmission 23-2018 presents:

André Giroux peintre-photographe and silent partner of his brother Alphonse Junior — Weekly Drawing by Théophile Bouchet: “Maison Alphonse Giroux”  — Giroux Family Portraits — An elegant fake factory: It is permitted for one month to make copies from the originals — Transmission from Alphonse the Elder to Alphonse the Younger before the Daguerre agreement …

[Potonniée in 1925 suggested Alphonse Giroux the Elder had family link with Mrs. Daguerre, but this should not be taken literally.Historians will look better at the history of Paris Free-Masons in relation with the proclamation of the discovery of photography in 1839. Twelve or fourteen years later, André Giroux will start his personal photographic activity and his first portraits indicate that he kept links with Nadar and Ziegler and his daughter will marry Gustave Rouland.Nevertheless, Daguerre prefered to partner with an honorable house in a fashionable neighborhood (recently Louvre des Antiquaires) than with technicians even if more legitimate inventors (Charles Chevalier)…]

PWT 23-2018 Giroux and Co

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