20.07.2017 PWT 29-2017 Patterns Ferns Tattoos

PWT 29-2017 Patterns, Ferns, Tattoos



King Tawhiao  (Tūkāroto Matutaera Pōtatau Te Wherowhero Tāwhiao;c. 1822 – 26 August 1894) was leader of the Waikato tribes, the second Māori King and a religious visionary. He was a member of the Ngāti Mahuta iwi (tribe) of Waikato.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) was active in New Zealand from 1867. In the 1880s, a Wairarapa newspaper quoted Tāwhiao as claiming a belief in Mormonism: “I was some time ago converted to a belief in the Mormon faith, and I now altogether hold to it. My people in the North are believers also in Mormonism, and it is my wish that all the Maori should be of that faith.

Although the LDS Church has no record of Tāwhiao being baptized, other Māori joined the church based on a prophecy they claimed Tāwhiao made in the 1860s—that messengers of God would come from over the Sea of Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean), traveling in pairs and teaching the Māori people in their own language. When some who heard Tāwhiao’s prophecy observed pairs of Mormon missionaries from the United States teaching in Māori language, they immediately accepted Mormonism…

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