11.07.2015 Summer programm in New York City : Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography at NYPL

You loved The Day after Tommorow ? Do not miss Public Eye, the first-ever retrospective survey of photography organized by NYPL in its celebrated historic location at 42nd street and 5th avenue.

NYPL 0415 (1)

This show, curated by Stephen Pinson takes advantage of this moment to reframe the way we look at photographs from the past… To what ends has the street served as a venue for photographic practice since its beginnings ? And, of more recent concern, are we risking our privacy in pursuit of a more public photography ?
A beautiful mint copy of Talbot’s Pencil of Nature, with a dedication to Hippolyte Fizeau… Ranging from photography’s official announcement in 1839 to manifestations of its current pervasiveness, this landmark exhibition, drawn entirely from the Library’s collections, explores the various ways in which photography has been shared and made public. Photography has always been social.

The show had 150.000 visitors and rather than being closed now will be prolonged until the end of this year.


NYPL 0415

more : http://www.nypl.org/events/exhibitions/public-eye

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