11.02.2016 Opening of the Third Moscow Photographic Salon at the Gallery for Classic Photography, 23 Savvinskaya Embankment, Moscow


Coordinates: 55°43’58″N 37°33’43″E

III MFS. Galleries. Foundations. Collections. February 11-14, 2016

Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair that brings together all participants of the Russian photography market – galleries, foundations and private collectors.

This year the fair will be organized for the third time. It is still the only event in Russia presenting formulated offer in the field of photography and a clear system for standardization and assessment of photographic works.

The Salon is positioned as an analog to world famous photographic fairs and aimed at establishing the Russian photography market and its integration into the global one.

Over the last years the fair that was initially purposed as a purely commercial affair has become an event contributing to development of an alternative view of photographic art and its history. Without any opposition to photographic institutions established in Moscow, the Salon offers a brand-new exhibition arrangement combining a permanently high, actually, museum level of exposition and club atmosphere.

“The idea of developing the Salon in a qualitative rather than in a quantitative sense was a deliberate decision”, says MPS director Mark Kobert. “The Salon is gradually becoming an important event in the world of photography, and it generates the need for organizing exhibitions of a very high level. The popularity of photography as a medium entails emergence of a great number of projects, and today project monitors enjoy widest opportunities of presenting really outstanding works to the audience”.

The exhibition part of the Salon will be represented by two special projects being absolutely different conceptually but similarly manifesting the ability of photography to influence the human perception structure.

The project “Photography: Eternal Order of Chaos” makes the visitor think over the question of how photography lets the mankind systematize social realm chaos and shape a well-ordered visual reality. The development of photography as a scientific tool of cognition is traced historically from its genesis till involvement into social life arrangement. Private Russian
collections will include the works of Lazarev, Shimansky, Khaldei, and Trankvilitsky.

A workshop will address the thorny issue of the management and mismanagement of investment funds in art and photography, the issue of multiple and singular works.

Significant photographic institutions and collectors from Moscow and Saint Petersburg take part in the Salon. Foreign participants are represented by galleries from Paris, Minsk and Brussels. Salon educational aspect is much emphasized – a number of lectures and workshops on the commercial aspect in photo collecting and presentation of some photo publications are planned. Like in the previous years, the first floor will be provided to Photo Collectors Club for free demonstration of photo collections and exchange of opinions.

See detailed information and Salon program in Russian at http://moscowphotosalon.ru

Programm in English at http://moscowphotosalon.ru/en/

Informations en français : http://moscowphotosalon.ru/fr/

The Salon will be open on February 11-14, 2016.
Working hours: 12:00 noon – 10:00 p.m.
Address: build. 1, 23 Savvinskaya Embankment, Gallery of Classic Photography
Contacts: PR and press Sergey Knyazev, sk73@inbox.ru
Organization Mark Kobert, mark.kobert@gmail.com


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