10.11.2016 Thursday 10 November 6 pm Drouot Paris : Binoche et Giquello Photographies anciennes et Modernes / Complements, Corrections and Notes


We received some comments and suggestions from diffrent amateurs, so please find here the list of lots with complements or corrections :

3, 12, 29, 32, 34, 48, 52, 53, 80, 81, 109, 110, 116, 120, 125, 138

Lot 3 did not come

Lot 12, the negative  represents also the right bank

Lot 29 is not anymore attributed to Caneva. It is only a different view from Caneva’s “Aniene and Ponte Nomentano” composition. A connoisseur suggested it should be attributed to Eugène Le Dien (similar dimensions, paper and tonality). The print was exhibited in Chicago in 1980.


Lot 32 could be attributed to Giacomo Caneva, even if quoted as anonymous.


Lot 34 contains more prints and paper negatives : fifty (50)

Lot 48 has been identified, as the negative is currently on exhibition : John B. Greene

Lot 52 contains three more prints (21)

Lot 53 could be attributed to Adalbert and Eugène Cuvelier as it has been in the past.







Lot 80 contains seventeen negatves but only four positive albumen  prints (17 + 4)

Lot 81 Baldus negative does’t represent “Chateau de Murol” but “Chateau de Bouzols”




Lot 109 is identified as Beato (more than attribution)

Lot 110 contains one more print : a Langois salt paper print of Sebastopol battlefied


Lot 116 contains four more prints (22)

Lot 120 is not the only print known, we have received notice of an albumen print in a private collection Switzerland

Lot 125 contains one more print : a portrait of Mrs Zola

Lot 138, the prints are titled at verso in pencil





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