07.11.2007 Karl Bulla Reportage inédit sur la Révolution de Février 1917

07.11.2007 couv Karl Bulla première édition

“Karl Bulla was born in the Free City of Lübeck in a merchant family in 1855. His parents moved to St. Petersbourg in 1865 and the young Bulla was put to work as a delivery-boy with the Dunant company that made and sold photography supplies. In 1875 he opened his first Photographic studio and the following year became a citizen of the Russian Empire.

In the last decade of the 19th century, a new printing technology allowed magazines and newspapers to publish actual photographs and in 1894, the Russian Office of Post and Telegraphs aproved the use of postcards. As a result, the demand for photographs kept
expanding…” (Pierre Apraxine)

Accès au carnet en pdf : 07.11.2007 Karl Bulla première édition



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