07.09.2017 Enroute to Mexico – Welcome to Zonamaco Anticuario !

C. B. Waite traveled to Mexico City and in May 1897 established a photography studio there, when Porfirio Díaz governed the country. He became part of Porfirian society, taking photographs of many in the ruler’s circle. He traveled throughout Mexico, exploring archaeological sites and the countryside. His life corresponds with that of adventurers, brave explorers with romantic spirits and materialistic outlooks, who toured the hitherto unknown world, discovering their riches and inventing paradises. …” (Francisco Montellano, C. B. Waite, fotógrafo)

The Mexican “Atget” invented paradises
Charles Betts Waite (1861-1927) was born in Plymouth, Ohio
Weekly Drawing by Théophile Bouchet: Rendez-vous à Mexico
8 vintage Mexican silver prints
Zonamaco Salon Anticuario in Mexico

PWT 36-2017 Enroute for Mexico


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